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Please Note:  Instead of placing ALL resources in Part 6, as they are in the book, I’ve broken them across the book, placing them into the Part where they are referenced.

Part 1: Branding Benefits and Investment

Understand what you are undertaking when you set about actively branding your practice and why you need to do it.

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Chapter 2 – No downloads

Chapter 3 – No downloads

Part 2: Foundations of Branding

Develop an understanding of what branding is, all of the various parts, and how they contribute and intertwine with each other.

Chapter 4

Chapter 5 – No downloads

Chapter 6 – No downloads

Chapter 7 – No downloads

Chapter 8 – No downloads

Chapter 9 – No downloads

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Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

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Part 4: Internal Branding and Culture

Part 5: Social and Reputation Management

How does the outside world see your practice & your brand? Learn about the touch points you have control over and how to optimize them for positive brand interactions. Explore social media and its role in reputation management.

Chapter 22

Chapter 23 – No downloads

Chapter 24

BONUS: Developing A Crisis Management Plan

Part 6: References and Resources

You’ll find all the tools, worksheets, and websites referenced throughout the book. It is a great toolkit for while you’re initially working on your brand and for the ongoing process of managing it.

To make finding the resource that you’re looking for easier, on the website resources have been sorted to the part of the book from which they are referenced.