Alice Pettey

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Hi!  Welcome to my website.

I’m Alice Pettey, the author of Branding Your Practice. It is my first foray into publishing my expertise and experience of branding in book form. I’m excited about its release and the ability to share my knowledge to a greater audience through this medium.

This book is a combination of educational material and exercises that, if completed, will leave the reader with a fairly comprehensive brand strategy and identity document. With this document in hand the reader will be better prepared to undertake marketing activities having clarity on who and what their purpose, audience and end goals are.

It is my hope you, dear reader, find this book to be all that I have endeavored to make it. I would love to hear of your experience… the reading, the exercises… were they clear and useful?  Let me know.

Alice Pettey
Branding Your Business Book

When you are looking  for more than a logo and a set of colors…

A true strategy to set your practice apart.

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