Strategic Design

Strategic design is not just the process of creating a beautiful and function designs, but also ensuring that the designs created solve the needs of the business.

What is it?

Strategic design is the process of utilizing design (thinking and application) as a means of solving business problems

How does it differ from regular design services?

Traditionally corporate executives and representatives have viewed design as a final polish to a project.  Ideas and concepts arrived at the designer for finalization. The designer returned the requested product but did not contribute material to solving the initial problem. In this relationship design is a commodity, a service to broker for, not a resource for the advancement of the business.

Partnering with your designer

When collaborating with your designer you open up a new approach to business. If you want to tap the creative processes that your designer is familiar with you need to be open in your communication.  Sharing the problems that your business faces allows your designer to bring forth solutions that are outside of traditional business thinking.

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