Hourly Block Packages

There are 3-tiers of Hourly Block Packages available.  Each packages provides an increased savings over the previous tier.  Hourly Block Packages are good for 60-days from date of purchase.

If you choose to cancel your Hourly Block Package within 7 days without using any of the package hours you will receive a full refund, minus any processing / transaction fees incurred.  After 7-days, or if you have used any of the block hours, your refund will be limited to 50% of the package price minus any hours at full rate that exceed that amount.  After 30-days, no refund is available.

Hourly Block Package

Monthly Retainer Program

The Monthly Retainer Program is offered in 3-tiers.  Each tier offer more significant savings over the corresponding Hourly Block Package, as well as the added benefit of discounted design hours if you exceed your monthly allotment.

The Monthly Retainer Program requires a 3-month commitment. Cancellation of the Retainer must be made prior to the next billing cycle to prevent additional charges. 

Monthly Retainer Programs:

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