PRISMS Research | Supportive Website Comps


The website design uses a clear hierarchy (Lynch and Horton, 2002) placing the logo in the upper left position with the navigational links directly below, along with links to social networking and a news feed from the organization. The membership log-in area is in the upper right, so that it will be easy to find, below the log-in is the search box and a link to contact the PRISMS organization. The body of the page contains a representative image of a researcher. This home page for this site is a navigational landing page, and is consistent through desktop/laptop screens as well as the iPad and other tablet devices.

For the logo the typeface Gotham (Hoefler & Frere-Jones, 2012) was selected for its clean appearance and variable weights that provide significant variety for clarity and distinction. In the logotype two weights of the Gotham typeface have been employed. The last portion of the logotype has employed negative space to create the letters SMS to create a distinction as these letters represent the genetic condition that PRISMS is focused on. The color utilized is the blocking is reflective of the medical connection, health, cleanliness and research. The colors most commonly providing these connections are blue and green. (Morton, 1997, 27, 29) and the blocked area can be filled with any of the approved colors or revered into white if applied to background that do not offer significant enough contrast.

When the screen is reduced significantly, as needed for smart phones such as the iPhone, the layout changes to promote quicker loading and easy navigation.


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