PRISMS Education | Supportive Website Comp


The Education | Supportive website design concept is a built on a four column grid system (Brauckmuller, 2010). The site has a header consisting of the logo in the upper left position a search bar is found on the right of the header area for easy locations. Usability studies have proven that the search bar is an integral feature for users (Gustafson, 2011). In the first column on the left navigational links are placed directly below the logo , including a log-in field for the new membership area and links to social networking. A clear hierarchy is displayed as the most important elements are placed higher, or to the left, on the page, are larger than the main body copy & utilize color to offset them from the main text (Lynch and Horton, 2002) The main content of the page has a photo taking center stage and followed by teaser text to draw the reader into the site.

The logo was developed through the overlaying of color wavelengths to develop a flower-like shape. The logotype was developed utilizing the typeface Gotham (Hoefler & Frere-Jones, 2012). The text was italicized to promote forward moving concepts in education and development and set at ultra bold to produce stability and balance.Colors were selected to represent an educational environment (Thompson, 2012) and promote knowledge, enlightenment and understanding (Morton, 1997, pp 27,31). In and effort to express an educational tone the typefaces of Futura (, 2012b) were selected. This typeface was selected for its x-height (Boser, 2012), legible, and easy readability in body copy.


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