Mood Board – Boxpark Sushi

This mood board created as part of a MDMFA team project for a fictional restaurant “Boxpark Sushi”. The pink, orange, brown and blue were selected because of their association to anime and their representation in Japanese cuisine. The selected images reinforce the fun environment by using actual anime artwork.  The food images show the variety between traditional sushi and sushi created to reflect anime characters and animals. Both typefaces are clear legibility and easily read, while the display typeface imparts a feeling of fun. The anime character draws immediate attention and established the anticipated tone for the mood board.  This is confirmed and through the typographical selection for the name and key concept terms selected.  The images follow suite while guiding the viewer back down the page to the color selections. Sounds selected including typical background noise for a small retail space establishing size.  The music was selected to reflect culture while conveying an upbeat tone.  The voice over of restaurant conversation and laughter again conveys enjoyment and fun.

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