Logo Concepts – Boxpark Sushi


(Top Left) This concept utilize Myriad Pro and Olicana Smooth. Olicana Smooth is a more stylized font than the previous selections but holds to the “fun / exciting” mood that is being sought.  Also, the incorporation of a anime style mermaid emphasized the playful nature of the board as well as relates back to the Japanese culture. (Top Right) This concepts utilizes the combination of Gotham and Gourmet typefaces. The Boxpark is turned vertically mirroring the chopsticks and creating a strong vertical line in the design. This logo is simplistic in its design and provide versatility in the design. (Bottom Left) The above concept utilize Gothem and Garfield.  In these concepts I incorporated a graphical element by altering the “u” in sushi into a sushi roll.  My goal was to create a memorable composition, which is balanced while still lending a dynamic feel with the chopsticks entering at a diagonal. (Bottom Right) These concepts utilize the Liam and Myriad Pro as appeared on the mood board.  The logo is visually balanced as the sushi image balances the capital S.  The concepts is simplistic in its design and should have the versatility to scale both larger and smaller. The typefaces are appropriate in portraying the fun, playful aspect of the board. Logo colors are drawn from the selected mood board and had been chosen for their association and ability to support the key tenets of Boxpark Sudhi.

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