Dynamic Mood Board for Boxpark Sushi

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For the dynamic mood board for Boxpark Sushi I utilized straight cuts to transition between shots or segments of the video and a dip to black  to end the sequence.

The typefaces selected are Myriad Pro and Moderna were chosen for their contribution of legibility and their ability to impart a element of fun into the mood board.  A font’s feel can be determined by a number of factors.  San-serif fonts provides a more contemporary feel and rounded counters and/or letter-forms, increases the perceived friendliness of the font.

The images were selected to convey both information regarding the type of cuisine available as well as imparting the emotional attributes of playfulness and fun.  There are many examples of sushi being personified in anime as well as the creation of characters out of the sushi itself.

The color selections pink, orange, brown and blue were chosen because of their association to anime and their representation in Japanese cuisine.  Pink/Salmon color imparts the meanings of friendliness, healthiness, happiness and “tasty”. The orange brings cheerfulness, excitement, energy and warmth. Brown indicates dependability, friendliness, warmth, health, earth and nature.  Blue imparts the meaning of dignity, trustworthiness, professionalism, intelligence, respectability, and security.

Music was selected to enhance the desired atmosphere for the restaurant. Airspace, will run throughout the dynamic mood board the restaurant conversation and dining tones in Restaurant Light will come in at the end of the color sequence and play at full tone till the start of the typography sequence where it will fade off before the start of the animated logo segment.


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