Boxpark Sushi High Definition Comps


For my version of the Boxpark Sushi website, I developed the main site with an eye to maintaining its consistency across from computer to tablet. When approaching smaller mobile devices the site would condense to a more text based version while still having small graphics that give a nod to the fun / anime aspect of the main site. The goal for each page, regardless of the device, it to provide a good user experience that is self-evident to the user, and has easy access to the content for which the user is looking (Krug, 2011, Kindle Locations 252-253).

For the Boxpark Sushi home page I started of a clean neutral tone page background. As the mood board utilized rice paper, I sampled the image and applied the color of the rice paper to the background of the web page. For a desktop / tablet viewing device I utilized a more traditional Horizontal menu / vertical layout for the page. The logo takes a place of prominence in the upper left corner. The anime characters, that help portray the attitude of the restaurant, appear in the right header. As usability studies have proven that the search bar is an integral feature for users (Gustafson, 2011) I’ve positioned it below the logo for easy identification and accessibility.

The top (primary) navigation appears in a horizontal bar. The items selected for this menu were those that be primary reasons for users to visit the site: the menu, placing a take-out order, making a reservation, arranging catering / event services, getting directions. Beyond these actions there is a menu selection for “About Boxpark Sushi” this provides a variety of information, the history of the restaurant, their mission statement, information about sushi in general, instructions for how to order / eat sushi, archived articles from the home page and comments/reviews of the restaurant.

The main image area provides a scrolling platform, with links underneath, to photos of food produced in the restaurant, the restaurants sushi chiefs, and customers enjoying themselves. The images must support the key attributes of the restaurant (playful, fun, energetic, delicious).

Below the main image area there is a section for a feature article. This provides a way for Boxpark Sushi to announce important news, menus, specials, etc. quickly to visitors to their site.


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