PRISMS Community | Supportive Website Comps


The website design developed for the community | supportive version utilizes color and size to develop a hierarchy for the site. The logo is located in the upper left corner of the page, with links to social networking and a search box on the right. Below this primary header information the top navigational links are listed. The main body of the page consists of photos and color coordinated buttons to areas of major interest on the site.

For the typography Register Sans (, 2012) was selected because it supports a warm, stable, and open expression with characteristics of a high x-height, wide width, and rounded counters and/or letterforms (Gump, 2001 pp207).
The logo was inspired by the concept of light – the horizon – and is intended to inspire warmth and support. This concept utilize a loosely kerned Frutiger (myfonts, 2012a) in the logotype. The logo mark also produces the impression of forward motion and provides a grounding element to the logotype (Jirousek, 1995).

The colors were selected to support a warm, caring and supportive feel: red, orange & brown. Red represents warmth, strength, excitement, and courage (Morton, 1997, pp 23) Orange represents energy, cheer, warmth and excitement, and brown represents nature, durability, reliability, warmth, comfort and hominess (Morton, 1997, pp 33, 34).

The layout of the site is set on a grid system (Brauckmuller, 2010). The blocks and buttons are created with rounded corners to convey “feelings of friendliness and comfort to the user” (Dennis, 2010).
Through the use of responsive web design when the screen size is reduced, to the size of an iPad or other tablet device, the layout of the site would shift to accommodate the smaller screen size (Gustafson, 2011).  The site would be simplified further as the screen size reduces for use on smartphones.


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