Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a subject that contains a variety of subtopics and specialties.  Most people assume that a graphic designers job is to make things “pretty” and although this may be the end result in many cases, this is not the task that a designer undertakes when starting a project.  Designers are problem solvers.  The task, and challenge, that is presented to a designer with each new project is how to solve the problem presented them in a way that clearly conveys the information that needs to be shared in a manner that will stand out against the visual noise / clutter of what we see everyday.

Now, given this information, don’t expect your designer to be a miracle worker.  A designer will do their best to make you happy, but a lot of what is presented depends on you.  If you are looking for a bargain basement priced designer, then expect bargain basement quality in return.  If you use crowd-sourcing sites for your design work, then don’t be surprised if what you get back looks like what everyone else has, or that your later discover that your nifty new logo has infringed on someone’s copyright.

When you hire a professional designer, they need you to work with them.  If you present them a sketched out concept, a finalized version of that concept is what you will get back.  If you tell them your problem, let them know who your audience is, and what the key tenets of your organization are, then you will get back more creative and innovative concepts.  Designers want to help their clients, but clients need to be willing to let a designer do what they are being hired to do, and be willing to accept that designer provide professional services that need to be compensated accordingly.

I’m not going to tell you that more expensive equals better.  That’s not necessarily true, however you do get what you pay for.  Be honest with your designer.  The majority of them are not trying to charge you to your last available cent, but knowing your budget does allow them to determine what can be produced in the time frame your funds allow.  If you have a $500 budget your logo / branding package is not going to be as comprehensive as if you have a $3000 budget.   A professional designer will provide both clients with the best services possible, but the 5-7 hours spend developing the $500 logo will not produce the result that the 35-40 hours on the $3000 dollar logo will.  More time, means the designer has more ability to research the industry, understand the competition, and do searches to provide due diligence in ensuring the developed logo does not infringe on anyone’s copyright.

If you are interested in have your project professionally designed, I’ve listed some of my services below.  If you are interested in having something developed you do not see listed, please contact me at / 804 310 0308 to discuss what I can do to assist you.

Design services:

  • logo / brand marks
  • stationary design
  • business cards
  • postcards
  • brochures
  • identification cards
  • trade show materials
  • newsletters
  • mailing labels
  • presentation folders
  • posters
  • bumper stickers
  • labels
  • presentations
    (PowerPoint / Keynote)

Dynamic Forms

Dynamic forms are documents that have interactive form fields.  However, these are not just fields where you are able to enter information in a specified size text box, but documents where text areas expand to include large text entires, and the remainder of the document will re-flow to accommodate the inserted text.  This includes forms that perform calculations automatically with the insertion of quantity elements. This also includes drop down menus and documents that will auto-fill sections of the document from an initial selection.

If this sounds like something that would help your business or organization, contact me at / 804 310 0308 for more information.

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