About Alice Pettey

Alice Pettey has over sixteen years experience in graphic design. During this time Ms. Pettey has worked as an in-house designer, freelance designer and currently runs Alice Pettey Branding & Strategic Design, LLC.

Continuous education in a primary consideration for Ms. Pettey, she seeks out both formal and informal means to enhance existing, and develop new, skills. Ms. Pettey enjoys facing new challenges that stretch her current skill set and finds great satisfaction in developing strategic alliances with her clients to provide them not only good design but functional design that will fulfill their needs and be in line with their business strategies.

During her years as an in-house design Ms. Pettey oversaw brand compliance, the development of new marketing materials, newsletter and magazine layout design, as well as, provided support for intranet and e-mail campaign issues.

Although primarily a graphic designer with strong foundation in print media, Ms. Pettey has expanded her areas of competence to include a basic understanding of interactive media, web and video. She is developing her proficiency in these area through continued education and the undertaking and successfully completion projects across all areas of graphic design and visual communication.

Ms. Pettey’s freelance exposure has been in providing Branding and Identity services and the creation of websites for non-profit organizations.  Ms. Pettey undertakes web and interactive media projects as a way of expanding her skill level and proficiency.

You can contact Ms. Pettey at alice@alicepettey.com or 804.464.3925.

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